Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Boots!

I have to give props to my friend Maren for indirectly inspiring me to create these sweet little boots for my baby boy. A few weeks ago Maren asked me to make some slippers for her little boy for Christmas. I was hesitant because I haven't done custom orders in forever and they are kind of stressful because what if I spend all that time and they don't turn out cute?? I would feel terrible taking money for something that isn't really cute. So, I suggested that I teach her how to make them herself. That's what I have planned for tonight-- Maren is bringing a couple friends over and we're going to get creative.

In preparation for tonight, I got out my old patterns and decided to make some boots for my son. I haven't made a pair of baby booties in forever, and I didn't want to be rusty for tonight. Plus, the shoes that my little guy wears everyday (that I made for his older brother) are getting really worn out. I made some boots for my older boys many years ago so I dug out my old pattern and re-worked it a bit. (I was inspired by these shoes that I saw on pinterest.) I used suede for the sole and a wool/acrylic blend for the upper portions (doubled up to make them warmer and more durable). I have to say, I am thrilled with how they turned out! Now to decide: should I try selling some in my etsy shop (I don't have ANYTHING listed in my shop right now... one of the many things on my to-do list) or should I do a tutorial? Lucky for Maren and her ladies, they'll be getting a free hands-on tutorial tonight!

And here are a few picks of some of the baby booties I have made over the years (I started making them for my oldest boy who turns seven this month. Seven?? Where did the time go?). I wish I had a pic of the boots that I made for my boys but I guess I didn't take one. They looked similar to the girl ones at the bottom, but in boy colours, of course:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall/ Winter Accessories

Have you done your family photos yet? (You know, for your Christmas cards??) Yes, it's definitely time to start thinking about Christmas cards already. We have a couple of new fall/ winter flowers that are perfect for photo shoots. They will also come in handy for all of those holiday parties you'll be going to. :) The two pictured above are the Vintage Rose in red and the Vintage Rose in midnight blue. The Vintage Roses are approximately 3.5" diameter and have an iridescent crystal center. They are light-weight and gorgeous.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SassyStrap™ New Design

We recently re-designed the SassyStraps™. They are a bit shorter with a new metal clip that is stamped with the SassyStrap™ name (isn't it cute? Reminds me of jeans buttons). A few moms tested the new length for us and the consensus was that the shorter length is actually better because it keeps the pacifier from dangling onto potentially dirty surfaces. The SassyStrap™ features include:
  • Lead free and conform to Health Canada and US CPSC safety standards.
  • Two-position adjustable length.
  • No Velcro! The pacifier is secured to the SassyStrap™ with a snap-closure. Little fingers can't undo the snap and take the pacifier off, which adds to the safety of the SassyStraps™. Also, no velcro means that the SassyStrap™ won't snag fabrics.
  • Plastic teeth to protect clothing.
  • High quality ribbon in cute, trendy prints.
We haven't put the new photos on the website yet ( because we are in the process of launching the new-and-improved site within the next couple weeks. So, if you order one from the website, you will be getting one of the re-designed straps. The new straps are also available in most of our stores.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We LOVE Netting!

I have been playing around with netting a bit lately. I love the 50's feel it gives to accessories. BUT, it has to be done the right way or it just looks plain goofy. And... this is the "right" way:
This is my first creation. I love how it turned out. This particular piece is attached to a felt pad, with two attachment ports for hair clips, a brooch pin, or to attach to one of our metal headbands (coming soon). These can be used for little girls, which I think is SOOO cute, but not younger than 3 years because there are quite a few small parts. These will be available on the site and in stores soon. I can't wait to incorporate netting into some other accessories!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MiaMum™ Inc. Has Partnered with Canadian Humanitarian

There are many things I have wanted to do over the past seven years, which have not been feasible with a young family. I definitely do not regret my decision to have children-- all of the sacrifices, stress, lack of sleep, frequent periods of insanity, etc. are all worth it. The truth is, even though raising children is difficult regardless of one's circumstances, we have it really good in North America (for the most part). Aside from access to basic necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter, clean water, healthcare, etc.), we have access to many resources that improve our quality of life, such as education and employment. We have so much and it is easy to take it all for granted. It is easy to forget that there are millions of people who don't have access to even the basic necessities of life, let alone education and social programs. I grumble about having to make school lunches, while a mother across the globe worries about where her child's next meal will come from.

In a later season of life, I look forward to participating in humanitarian relief efforts. It will be extremely rewarding to provide healthcare aide and other assistance in poverty-stricken countries. At the present time, leaving my children for weeks at a time probably isn't a great parenting move. I was so happy when Canadian Humanitarian contacted me regarding forming a partnership with them. I am familiar with this organization and am very impressed with their work in Ethiopia. Of course I immediately agreed to a partnership and have committed 7.5% of all sales from MiaMum™ Inc. I can't wait to go to Ethipoia with them one day!

Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief is a Canadian non-religious, non-political charitable organization dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children and their families in Ethiopia break free from the cycle of poverty. Canadian Humanitarian operates in partnership with five local Ethiopian project partners.
Our mission is “To break the cycle of poverty by providing orphaned and vulnerable children and their families with access to health care, education, vocational training, and the basic necessities of life such as nutrition and shelter.”
Canadian Humanitarian believes in local solutions to local struggles. This leads us to partner with local individuals and local organizations overseas to create opportunity for individuals, families and communities. Adopting a community based development approach; we provide tools to community members enabling them to get themselves out of poverty.
Canadian Humanitarian supports the project partners through the provision of financial-, technical-, and knowledge-based resources. The relationship between Canadian Humanitarian and the project partners ensures that children and families in need receive the basic necessities of life, education and tutoring, access to post-secondary training, skill development opportunities, and community-based social clubs and activities.
Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief was founded in 2003 and is situated in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The organization has nine Canadian chapters across Canada, is a registered charity in the United States under the name Kids Hope Ethiopia, and is legally registered in the country of Ethiopia.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Few More Pics

Thanks Tracy for doing these! There were so many good ones I had a really difficult time choosing just a few.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers....

That's what my house looks like these days. Here are the latest additions to the PrimaMia line. There are more, but I didn't have time to get all the photos done tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. The top one is my favorite. LOVE. I'm going to work on getting them on the website right now.