Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Boots!

I have to give props to my friend Maren for indirectly inspiring me to create these sweet little boots for my baby boy. A few weeks ago Maren asked me to make some slippers for her little boy for Christmas. I was hesitant because I haven't done custom orders in forever and they are kind of stressful because what if I spend all that time and they don't turn out cute?? I would feel terrible taking money for something that isn't really cute. So, I suggested that I teach her how to make them herself. That's what I have planned for tonight-- Maren is bringing a couple friends over and we're going to get creative.

In preparation for tonight, I got out my old patterns and decided to make some boots for my son. I haven't made a pair of baby booties in forever, and I didn't want to be rusty for tonight. Plus, the shoes that my little guy wears everyday (that I made for his older brother) are getting really worn out. I made some boots for my older boys many years ago so I dug out my old pattern and re-worked it a bit. (I was inspired by these shoes that I saw on pinterest.) I used suede for the sole and a wool/acrylic blend for the upper portions (doubled up to make them warmer and more durable). I have to say, I am thrilled with how they turned out! Now to decide: should I try selling some in my etsy shop (I don't have ANYTHING listed in my shop right now... one of the many things on my to-do list) or should I do a tutorial? Lucky for Maren and her ladies, they'll be getting a free hands-on tutorial tonight!

And here are a few picks of some of the baby booties I have made over the years (I started making them for my oldest boy who turns seven this month. Seven?? Where did the time go?). I wish I had a pic of the boots that I made for my boys but I guess I didn't take one. They looked similar to the girl ones at the bottom, but in boy colours, of course:


Just Rhonda said...

amazing!!! I want some like the top ones for Oliver!!!

Maria said...

Thanks Rhonda. I'll see what I can do! How old is Oliver now?