Thursday, October 6, 2011

SassyStrap™ New Design

We recently re-designed the SassyStraps™. They are a bit shorter with a new metal clip that is stamped with the SassyStrap™ name (isn't it cute? Reminds me of jeans buttons). A few moms tested the new length for us and the consensus was that the shorter length is actually better because it keeps the pacifier from dangling onto potentially dirty surfaces. The SassyStrap™ features include:
  • Lead free and conform to Health Canada and US CPSC safety standards.
  • Two-position adjustable length.
  • No Velcro! The pacifier is secured to the SassyStrap™ with a snap-closure. Little fingers can't undo the snap and take the pacifier off, which adds to the safety of the SassyStraps™. Also, no velcro means that the SassyStrap™ won't snag fabrics.
  • Plastic teeth to protect clothing.
  • High quality ribbon in cute, trendy prints.
We haven't put the new photos on the website yet ( because we are in the process of launching the new-and-improved site within the next couple weeks. So, if you order one from the website, you will be getting one of the re-designed straps. The new straps are also available in most of our stores.

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