Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giveaway!! The Latest From PrimaMia

I have been working on these for a few months now and have finally come up with a prototype that I love. Isn't it pretty? These flowers are about 2.75 inches diameter and are made of genuine leather. They have a fabric covered button center and come with a non-slip hair clip, perfect for fine hair. I'm still deciding on how many colors to do these in but I will be doing them in black for sure. Give me about a week or two and I'll have them on the website ( and they'll be in your nearest retailer within the next month.

Oh, and just for the fun of it let's do a giveaway! I will be giving this beauty away to one of our facebook fans. The catch is, you must post a link to the MiaMum facebook page in your status and ask all of your friends to join (hey, we have to get more "likes" somehow, right?). Instructions:

  1. Go to your wall or News Feed, click "link" above your status, and copy and paste this into the box: 
  2. Underneath the link, ask your friends to "like" MiaMum. Mention that we are the parent company of SassyStraps and PrimaMia (as seen in West Coast Kids, Sweet Momma, E-Children, etc.-- or add your own local retailer here).
  3. Go to the MiaMum page, go to "discussions" (on the left), go to "New Leather Flower Giveaway" and post that you completed steps 1 & 2. If you don't do step #3, I won't know that you're participating. 
The winner will receive the black leather flower pictured above. I will randomly select the winner in one week-- Wednesday, August 24th at midnight. Thanks for helping get more eyes on my stuff!

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Carlee said...

I love the leather hair stuff! I made some leather hair clips last Christmas for some girls and I loved them.