Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is Exciting!! PrimaMia Introduces a Brooch Adapter for all Hair Clips, Plus a Few New Flowers!

These aren't on the website yet (, but here's what we're working on:
I'm not one for doing my hair very often (aside from the usual blow-dry and flat iron), but holy cow do I LOVE to accessorize! I am so excited about our new brooch adapters that I've been wearing these every day for the past week. They are insanely versatile-- wear them as a brooch or attach them to a necklace (as I've done in the photo below), hand bag, some cute flats... you name it! The brooch adapter is compatible with every PrimaMia hair clip. The adapters, of course, are for adults only and will not be sold in our children's boutiques. They will be available on the website soon! Oh, and did you notice the uber-fabulous fabric flower above? Yes, we will have these (and more styles too!) on the website soon. Thanks Tracy for the last-minute photo-shoot. The lighting was terrible and you still managed to pull it off! You're awesome!

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